It smells!

Ok, here is the exciting part. Unboxing! Ok well, to be honest I already opened it yesterday in the office but don’t tell anyone! I guess there will be quite a bunch of unboxing videos swirling around on YouTube sooner or later so I won’t do another one of those. Let’s keep it short and stick to images :)

When you open the box, the first thing you will notice is its smell! It smells strongly like new! Yeah! Fresh from the manufactory!

What you get for your money

The Xtreamer itself feels very good in your hand. It looks like it has brushed metal and seethrough plastic on the outer sides covering the metal. Why didn’t they completely use metal? That would be a lot better for diverting the heat.

When you shake the Xtreamer, you won’t notice any loose parts inside. In total, you get something which feels very valuable for your money. Good job!

Shiny ass

Altough the outer sides are plastic you will quickly see your fingerprints on them since the metal below it makes the sides shining. But that doesn’t matter. The Xtreamer fits well into the group of my shiny happy toys, like my shiny Samsung LCD-TV or my shiny Sony PS3. Ahh… I need some shiny pants for biking too.

Its bowels

Opening the HDD guard and looking inside you’ll find a heatsink which is close to (or already) touching the side cover, so there is not much room for airflow. The heat of the sink will transfer to the side cover that’s why you will notice from time to time that the left side of the unit (when looking from the front) can get quite hot depending on the task it’s currently doing while the right side is just warm.

That should also be the reason why they have included a fan (25mm x 25mm x 10mm) inside at the bottom. Fixed with 3 screws, so the chance is high that this little beast’s rotation will transfer the vibration to the case due to assembling quality which can vary from unit to unit. For people with sensitive ears like me, that’s not the best solution! The optimum from my point of view would have been a slightly bigger case which could hold a bigger fan rotating much slower and generating lower or nearly no noise at all.

On the top there are vents for the heat to get out. The installed fan is blowing air out. People might wonder why?! Isn’t it better to blow air inside, so the hot air will flow out at the top? Hmm… given the suggestion of the Xtreamer forum admins, to leave the fan in middle or high setting when playing HD content, let one assume that the Realtek chip gets very hot. So better not blow air from the Realtek up to the optionally installed hard disk since that one could get some damage from the heat. What a dilemma here hehe…

Where’s the power switch? I hate my electricity bill!

My old WDTV gets very warm in standby mode! That’s why I thought it was a little risky to get a new device with no power switch at all. You people who own a Popcorn A-110 without a power switch should know very well why I wanted to have a power switch! Luckily… the Xtreamer doesn’t get warm at all in standby mode!

Even after a couple of hours it is as cold as if you’ve just taken it out of the box. So actually I don’t really miss the power switch here and even my power meter says that the Xtreamer consumes only 0.8 watts in standby so I can live with the fact that I can’t completely switch it off. While playing a movie from an internal 500GB HDD the Xtreamer consumes about 13.3 watts, acceptable!

The remote control

The remote control is handy. Looks average to me, not cheap but also not too expensive. It feels solid in your hand and you can reach all important buttons with your thumb. Only sometimes you will need the number keys which are also assigned to other functions like ZOOM or INFO. This double assignment can be useful but also useless at times. They could have used a bigger remote crontrol with more functions on dedicated buttons. Anyways, it will be replaced by a Logitech Harmony so I don’t really care.

Beam me up, Scotty!

Bye bye WDTV. That said, I removed the cables from my WDTV to prepare everything for the Xtreamer. I also plugged out the network cable from my PS3 since I think I will need the wired cable on the Xtreamer more often than on the PS3. Both have WiFi access so it doesn’t really matter for the PS3 and I seldom stream media to my PS3, coz even with PS3 Media Center or TwonkyMedia, the PS3 just sucks (yes!) in media streaming.

On the last picture you can see what I have connected to the Xtreamer. From left to right: power supply, network, HDMI, optical audio, remote headphones, 7-Port USB hub